Dr. Kelley Watford is the Chiropractor to the Pikes Peak Derby Dames. The Pikes Peak Derby Dames is the premiere flat track roller derby league in Colorado Springs.

Kelley Watford, DC, attends every Bout the Dames compete in. She watches the games from her chiropractic area, where her table is set up, so any player can skate in for a quick tune up to her body. At every tournament, Dr. Kelley  adjusts a number of Dames, as well as the athletic staff, including the Umpire, Coaches and other Derby Personnel.

“I love working on the Pikes Peak Derby Dames and supporting Flat Track Roller Derby. I really got into this form of sport when I lived in Los Angeles, as one of my Intern clinicians worked with the LA Derby Dolls. These women are pay-to-play athletes, meaning they actually pay money to have the chance to compete in the Colorado Springs Auditorium, and the other venues they bout in. There still is not a lot of opportunity for grown women to be athletes, and to compete for a professional athletic team, once these women leave the academic arenas.

Dr. Kelley  aims to become the Athletic Chiropractor to all the Derby Teams up and Down the Front Range. She recently has started to support the Denver Roller Dolls with her Chiropractic and Healing Arts Magic.

Come out and Enjoy the fast and fearless Roller Derby Dames in your area- it is an activity that is very different – a very fun, fast-paced, action-packed environment that you and your family will enjoy!

All Derby Dame Photos © by Hilary Muratori of HIYA Ground Photography.

Above: Dr.Kelley can be seen in upper right, applauding the Team.

Photos by Hilary Muratori ©2013 of HIYA Ground Photography. All Rights Reserved.