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Chiropractic Care is a safe, natural and gentle way to keep your entire family healthy throughout the year. Although most people believe chiropractic adjustments are only useful for managing pain— neck and back or after a serious accident/injury; it’s important to understand that the real practice objective of chiropractic is to maintain the integrity of the spine’s alignment allowing proper nervous system and whole body function.

This is the same reason you get an oil change for your car.

You don’t HAVE to change the oil or ‘tune-up’ your car; however, it works better if you do—Chiropractic care is the same for your body.

Slightly misaligned bones (subluxations) in the spine and elsewhere, regularly exist in many people. If left alone, they can cause serious health problems. Don’t place yourself and family at serious risk- unlike cars, you can not get another body.

We think nothing of getting an alignment on our car to protect and prolong the life of its tires, yet do not get regular spine alignments to prolong and protect the function of our bodies. Protect you and your family today!

Chiropractic adjustments are safe, painless, and very affordable in my clinic.

Family Pricing: 1st person full price, 2nd person & more half price; kids are FREE until high school.

Dr. Kelley gets a hand from a young man.

Children and Chiropractic

Parents are often surprised when I suggest ‘adjusting’ their children! One of the more frequently asked questions by parents is” Why do kids need adjusted? They’re fine!” Followed by; “if so, at what age should they begin care?”

My response to the age question is that children of chiropractors are usually adjusted ‘right out of the tube’—meaning as soon after birth as possible. One of my chiropractor educator colleagues and his wife (also a chiropractor) told me he adjusted his first-born at 17 minutes! One of the most damaging forces a child will ever face occurs during the process that brings them into this world – childbirth. The birthing process is very traumatic for both the mother and the child. During medically mediated births, the twisting and pulling on the child’s head and cervical spine creates a very good chance for spinal misalignments (subluxations) to occur which can place great stress on the cervical spine of the newborn. This can set the stage for many health challenges over the entire lifetime of the individual.

Our waiting room is very cozy!

My second response for why kids should be adjusted in general is that ‘kids bounce!” Children of all ages are generally more active than adults which constantly exposes them to physical stress from the everyday things that kids do. Chiropractic care helps children maintain the integrity of their spine alignment which helps the nervous system work without interference. This allows kids to ‘bounce’ whenever they fall and ‘bounce back’ more quickly from the stresses they are exposed to in daily life especially illnesses.

Additionally, I point out that children of chiropractors are rarely immunized yet are generally healthier than the population at large. A child’s immune system is regularly being assaulted and therefore fine tuned by its immediate environment. Since the nervous system controls ALL body functions (including the immune system), having a nervous system that functions without interference from spinal misalignments creates optimal health.

When parents bring their children to the chiropractor’s office regularly, the nervous system can work properly which plays an integral role in how well the immune system as well as the entire body functions.

Infants and children of all ages would benefit greatly by receiving care from a qualified chiropractor. Some of the first subluxations (misalignments) that show up in the spine appear very early in a child’s life; often during childbirth.

Pregnancy and Chiropractic

One of Dr. Kelley’s human skeleton models.

Pregnancy, from conception through the birthing process is not a disease; it is a natural process that has been artificially complicated by traditional (allopathic) medicine.

If it makes good sense to get your spine aligned when you are not pregnant; it makes good sense to get your spine aligned when you are pregnant. As a pregnancy progresses the shift in weight to the front of one’s belly changes the center of gravity and pulls the lower spine forward. This adds pressure to the low back often resulting in pain. Also during pregnancy there is a chemical called ‘relaxin’ circulating to loosen the ligaments and joints, of the pelvis especially. This ‘loosening’ is in all joints, not limited only to the pelvis and can cause instability. This makes the muscles have to work harder to protect the joints in the body which causes stiffness and soreness throughout.

It is perfectly safe to receive chiropractic adjustments during a woman’s entire pregnancy. There are many ways to modify adjusting techniques throughout the various stages of pregnancy and all women would benefit by taking full advantage of chiropractic care before, during and after pregnancy.